*Higher Secondary Examination - 1/3/2024 to 26/3/2024*


Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)
Additional Skill Acquisition Programme is a venture of Government of Kerala to enhance the students to achieve job skill during their studies in schools and colleges. Naduvil HSS wing has an active ASAP Unit.Certificates are provided to the students who successfully complete the ASAP course. Placements are provided to the students who prove their excellence in ASAP.

 Scouts and Guides
Naduvil HSS has Scout and Guides unit which is a part of worlds biggest uniform organisation.The unit conducts various activities in social and service areas. The students who take part in the activities of Chief Ministers Shield test are awarded by grace mark for their higher secondary examination.

    Career Guidance Cell
Career guidance and adolescent counselling cell is an innovative programme implemented by the Department of Higher Secondary Education. The aim of this unit is to make the students aware of immense opportunity that lie before them and to help them to select a career according to their aptitude.

This unit has been functioning actively in the school for years and career guidance awareness and classes related to it are provided to the students by the experts. The students get practical knowledge through industrial visits conducted at the auspicious of this club, which has gained state wide recognition.

Souhrida Club
Adoloscent counselling and health care programme is a unique, novel and innovative programme conceived and launched by the Department of Higher Secondary Education.This programme is implemented in schools through Souhrida club. It started functioning in our school in the year 2014. The main objective of Souhrida club is to enable self development and empowerment of adolescents. Souhrida club conducts counseling classes on reproductive health and mental health etc every year. Souhrida club ensures a platform for the students to express their problem frankly.

Other Clubs
Science Club
Literature Club
Social Science Club
General Knowledge Club
Commerce Club
Nature Club
Parliamentary Literacy Club
Music Club
Tourism Club
Sports Club


 T.P Narayaniyamma Memorial Endowment 
          (Class topper in Science batch)

   T.P Janakiyamma Memorial Endowment
        (Class topper in Commerce batch)

    P.P Kunhiraman Nambiar Memorial Endowment
          (Class topper in Humanities batch)